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Do you got any Questions about "Project Immentum"? You can ask us everything. Laughing

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1 - What is the plot/concept you have planned for Immentum?

2 - How will this Free2Play FPS title be supported? Cash shop? Ad & Sponsorship?

3 - What's the target release date?

Hi Michael!

I'm Dan and I'm going to answer your questions.

1 - I can't tell you very much about the plot but I can tell you this, The main story: You're playing a character that died in a Terrorist Attack/Assassination. And we can say that the character you're playing is going to appear in the future like 1000 Years later. That's everything i can tell you right now. The story may sound a little bit controversial because of the "Terrorist" Part of the Game.

2 - We are a new small Development Studio and currently we wanna release this game for Free because we want to get some attention and we wanna see the people's/gamer's reaction. And if they like it we might release a sequel. There aren't any plans yet to include a Cash Shop, or Upgrades you need to pay for, and we currently don't have a sponsor.

3 - The current release date for Immentum is Winter 2011. Later this year we are going to announce the final Release Date.


Dan, KLCore Canada

I hope that Dan answered all your questions, feel free to ask us again if you still have any questions about Immentum.

I think that it's sweet you are making a free game for PS3 and PC. My question though is that their have been videos of your game on the web and I was just wondering if this is what it actually is? 


A lot of people are saying that it's just a game called Unreal Tournament 3. 

Hey Mike!

Thanks! And yea it's true because we made a mistake. There was a lag of communication between the Staff of KLCore. They mixed it up and now we got a problem, because many people think that it's just fake.

Because of this incident we are already thinking about changing our Gaming Engine to the CryEngine3.

So stay tuned for the second Teaser with actual Gameplay Footage from Immentum.

Dan, KLCore Canada

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